About Us

Quality-focused and customer-oriented, Matt Musum Plumbing and Heating consistently receives rave reviews from homeowners and business owners. They notice our employees’ attention to detail, thorough examination of the issues at hand, and thoughtful solutions presented and implemented. We always look for the most economic options for our customers but without using suspect, shoddy materials or taking shortcuts that don’t ultimately solve the problem. In an emergency situation where an item needs to be ordered, we use good, old-fashioned ingenuity and figure out a stop-gap measure, consistently sensitive to your financial constraints.

We sincerely value and respect our customers, exemplified by the fact that we have been in business over 30 years! Our friendly, supportive team will intently listen to your concerns and then provide clear explanation of the most suitable course of action. We earn trust by over-delivering, charging extremely affordable price without compromising exemplary workmanship.

In fact, our craftsmanship is second to none – just ask any of our current customers. As we’ve been in business over 3 decades, we’ve gained great knowledge in the housing and commercial industry. As such, we’re consistently called to redress the mistakes that other, less-informed plumbers have committed.

The owner of Matt Musum Plumbing and Heating, Matt Musum or Plumber Matt as he is affectionately called by customers, will be your primary ‘Go to’ guy. (He already serves in that capacity for his colleagues.) He will be more than happy to answer of your questions and offer assistance in any way.

Remember, we are a full-service plumbing entity and work on boilers, hot water heaters, furnaces, A/C systems, well pumps, water treatment systems, any plumbing repair, remodels, and much more. We have expertise in all these areas, and are committed to your complete satisfaction.

As we receive so much favorable word-of-mouth, we’ve never had to advertise. This website represents our first marketing endeavor as we hope to now add to our base of customers. We welcome the opportunity to work with you — a mutually beneficial, win-win relationship.